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Daryn Clark

Daryn Clark

Daryn Clark started combining martial arts before it was known as Mixed Martial Arts. He began training in 1974 in both Judo and Tae Kwon Do. He achieved Brown Belt in both arts as well as earning a Blue Sash in Wing Chun Kung Fu a few years later. His first competition was the Arkansas State Judo Championships where he placed 2nd in 1976.

Since then he has earned a 4th degree Black Belt in Isshinryu Karate and a Black Belt in Ju Jitsu and competed extremely successfully at national and international tournaments. For the last four years Daryn has served on the Isshinryu Hall of Fame Board of Directors as Vice President and has recently received his certification as a Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach, through NESTA (National Exercise and Strength Trainers Association). He is an active instructor and student focusing on JuiJitsu, Boxing, San Soo, Isshinryu and Muay Thai.

He worked to fruition the obtaining of a BA, Psychology and MA, Marriage and Family Counseling, receiving his Masters in 1996. He has three children with a wife of 24 years. Daryn began his own service agency in 1991, Southern Ingenuity, Inc.; http://www.southerningenuityinc.com/ and remains an active entrepreneur.

Daryn can be reached via email at: daryn@whatsyourfight.com

Cameron Conaway

Cameron Conaway
Cameron Conaway was the 2007-2009 Poet-in-Residence at the University of Arizona’s MFA Creative Writing Program. He is 2-0 at 155lbs as a mixed martial arts fighter. He has trained with Renzo Gracie, the London Shootfighters, Eddie Bravo and Cus D’Amato and will be studying Muay Thai kickboxing in Thailand for the next year. An MMA fighter and an award-winning poet; an MMA Trainer at Gold’s Gym and a creative writing instructor for Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth; a certified personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and a dynamic anti-bully spokesperson, Cameron is quickly becoming known worldwide as the warrior poet.

Cameron will release his memoir “Caged: Memoir of a Cage-Fighting Poet” August 2011. Salmon Poetry will release his book of poems, “Until You Make the Shore,” in January 2012. The book of poems grew from his experiences teaching poetry inside an all-female juvenile detention center. For more information visit http://www.CameronConaway.com/


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